What is Kontakt?

"Kontakt 5" is a software sampler platform developed by a technology company called Native Instruments.

With Kontakt 5, you can create any type of instrument you can possibly dream of and in addition to ability to create instruments, Native Instruments also provides sample based instruments you can play right out of the box.

VGSoundtrackGuy Music chose Kontakt 5 because of its limitless power, ease of use and its large presence in the software synthesizer market.

Kontakt 5 Full Version vs Kontakt Free Player

Enjoying all that Kontakt 5 has to offer does come with a price however.

The Full Version of the Kontakt 5 software sampler is $399 and it allows you to use single unlicensed instruments developed for Kontakt 5, whereas the Free Player does not.

The free to download Kontakt Free Player is for licensed sample libraries only.

Always be sure to check if the Kontakt sample library you wish to purchase works with Free Player or is only for the Full Version of Kontakt.

Licensed Libraries vs Unlicensed Libraries

All "libraries" are just a collection of Kontakt instruments. Where the difference comes in, is if the library is licensed by Native Instruments or not.

You will encounter two types of Kontakt libraries on the market, Unlicensed and Licensed.

Unlicensed libraries are developed without the help and partnership of Native Instruments.

Whereas Licensed libraries were developed in partnership with Native Instruments and Native Instruments coded the library to work with the Kontakt Free Player. Thus eliminating the need to purchase the $399 Kontakt Full Version only requiring the customer to simply download the Kontakt Free Player.

If Libraries Can Be Licensed, Then Why Do Unlicensed Libraries Exist?

The answer is simple, it's because of costs on the end of the developer.

The cost to license a library to work with the Kontakt Free Player is too large for independent sample developers like us to cover.

We have contacted Native Instruments for a quote to license our best selling library Classic Gospel Synth Sounds, and the base cost, not covering serial key fees, is $2,800. That is an insane amount of money for us to cover and that is just the starting cost.

Therefore, our libraries will indefinitely need the Full Paid Version of Kontakt 5.

Basic Breakdown:
Kontakt 5 Full Version vs the Kontakt Free Player


Full Version:

- Costs $399

- Can play all that Kontakt offers (Unlicensed libraries & Licensed)

-Ability to Create and Edit Instruments, Multis, Scripts & More


Free Player:

- Is FREE to Download

- Can only play Licensed libraries

- Cannot Create or Edit Instruments, Multis or Scripts

- Only functions as a Player for Licensed Libraries, Nothing More