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System Requirements:

Kontakt 5 Full Version (v5.5.2 or Higher) Required

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• Mac OS X 10.11, 10.12 or 10.13 (latest update), Intel Core i5 CPU

• Windows 7, 8 & 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core i5 CPU or equivalent

• 4 GB of RAM (6 GB Recommended)

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VGSG's EX5 Sounds



For those unfamiliar with the EX5 Synthesizer, it was released in 1998 by the same manufacturer of the classic DX7 FM Synthesizer. The world was just two years away from the new millennium and synthesizer development was at it's prime. The EX5 was a result of how cutting edge synthesizer development was at the time.


The "EX" in the name EX5 stood for EXtended Synthesis and boy did the EX5 boast many methods of tone generation for creating incredible sounds!

There were four methods of synthesis housed inside of the EX5. The most notable however are the following three: AN (Analog Physical Modeling) Synthesis, FDSP (Formulated Digital Sound Processing) Synthesis and Virtual Acoustic (VL) Synthesis.


The AN Synthesis simplified strives to accurately reproduce the sound of classic analog synthesizers and the synthesis that drives them. Simply put, incredible analog leads with perfect portamento, bass sounds that will give a Moog a run for it's money, and FX/Pad sounds that will take you to another dimension.


The FDSP Synthesis is well-known in genres that frequently utilize electric pianos because of the FDSP's incredible electric piano pickup emulation. An EP "pickup" is an electromagnetic device inside of an electric piano that senses the vibration of an EP's metal tine or tone bar. The EP pickup simply picks up the sound of the tine bar and sends it to the EP's amplifier.

FDSP emulates this effect fantastically and enabling this effect on an EP patch on your EX5 will breathe life into your EP instantly!


Lastly, the Virtual Acoustic is in our opinion the EX5's most complex yet amazing synthesis method it features! VL is simply an advanced (even by today's standards) computer-based physical modeling of essentially every idiosyncrasy that occurs in a real woodwind or brass instrument. Please know that because of the complexity of this synthesis, we are not sampling any VL sounds as samples cannot properly re-create what the VL's physical modeling produces.


We here at VGSG Music however, have decided to focus strictly on sounds from the EX5 that can benefit musicians in the Gospel, R&B & Neo Soul genre.

We are offering Electric Pianos, Strings, Pads & Brass.

We Accept the Following Type of Payments:


Overview Video:

Video Reviews & Media

Full Review by Jake Jacobs of Pianodownloads


Demo of "EX Rhodes" by Gospel Musician Marcellus Elder

Electric Piano Package

Size: 1 GB

Price: $15


Patches: "EX Rhodes" & "Momma's Suitcase"

Short Description:

"EX Rhodes" is basically the EX5's "DX7 Rhodes". It can be nice, soft and warm, but it can also bark at you at higher velocities.


"Momma's Suitcase" is simply a dirty and dull Suitcase Electric Piano. We named it this because it sounds like a Suitcase model Rhodes that has sitting in a home for a very long time. It's never been serviced, but it still sounds good!

Audio demos can be heard in the overview video above.

FDSP Electric Piano Package

Size: 2 GB

Price: $25


Patches: "EX Tines" & "All Cream"

Short Description:

Both "EX Tines" and "All Cream" employ the ultra expressive FDSP Synthesis.

"EX Tines" is an expressive electric piano sound that is great for ballads but can also get gritty and dirty thanks to FDSP's overdrive heard in the higher velocities of the patch.

"All Cream" however is the cleaned up version of "EX Tines." You get a little bit of bark in the higher velocities but no overdrive. A panning Tremolo effect is also included.

Both patches feature Bell Tines & Release Effects which both have adjustable volume and the ability to toggle them On and Off. The off setting purges the samples out from RAM so that you can save resources.

Audio demos can be heard in the overview video above.

Brass Package

Size: 454 MB

Price: $20


Patches: "Power Brass", "Bruahass" & "Mega Saw"

Short Description:

Other than the Electric Pianos, the Brass found in the EX5 are some of the EX5's strongest assets.

"Power Brass" is a double octave powerful and buzzy brass sound that is great for when you need powerful, punchy and cut through the mix brass.

"Bruahass" is a standard brass sound that is named differently because of the "brrruahhh" spitting type of sound it makes when played.

And "Mega Saw" is one of the craziest poly saw sounds we've ever created and heard!

Audio demos can be heard in the overview video above.

Pad Package

Size: 163 MB

Price: $10


Patches: "Warmer" & "Meditation"

Short Description:

Lush Pads are also a strong asset of the EX5. Available with this package are 2 incredible Pad sounds. Unfortunately, most of the EX5's Pads are too complex to sample correctly, but we hope you enjoy these 2 great Pad sounds!

"Warmer" was the most requested sound for us to do. You have probably already heard this sound, but if not, this pad is incredible! We have also included it's cutoff feature controlled by the Mod Wheel. So you can go from a warm quiet pad, to full on worship mode with "Warmer."

"Meditation" is great for when you need a nice pad with heavy analog warmth. While the EX5 is not fully analog, this pad sure does make it sound that way. It's simple, warm and great for talk music or CCM Worship.

Audio demos can be heard in the overview video above.

String Package

Size: 96 MB

Price: $10


Patches: "Background Strings"

Short Description:

We initially expected the EX5 to lack in the strings department. And as for the factory internal sounds, we were right. But things changed once we started programming. And after weeks of programming, we created an incredible String patch that could stand toe to toe with any String patch found in any modern day Synth.

"Background Strings" are perfect for layering with a Piano sound or Electric Piano sound. It also holds it own as a standalone ensemble String sound!

Audio demos can be heard in the overview video above.



Size: 4GB

Price: $70

(Saving $10)



Includes all EX5 Sound Packages (Brass, Pad, String, EP, FDSP EP) at a discounted price!

This also includes two (2) Multis. Multi's are pre-made patch layers for you to use with this full package.

Audio demos for all sounds can be heard in the overview video above.

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