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VGSG's SY77/TG77 Sound Set - Volume 2


This product is for the real Yamaha SY77, TG77 and SY99 FM Synthesizers.

This is NOT for Kontakt and this is not a sample library!

The Yamaha SY77 and SY99 synthesizers are well known for their powerful "Advanced Frequency Modulation" (AFM) synthesis. While that name may sound very complex, the sounds AFM can produce are simply amazing!


We here at VGSG Music are madly in love with Electric Piano sounds. Whether it be a real Rhodes, the classic MKS-20 EPs or any expressive FM electric piano. So when we learned that the SY77 & '99 not only house incredible AFM electric pianos but that it also has the ability to load in all DX FM sounds, we had to find an SY77 or SY99!


In the early 2000s, the creators of the famed DX7 decided to bring back some of their best synthesis and tone generator methods with the Modular Synthesis Plug-in System, also known as their PLG150 Professional Series line.


We are proud to say that all of the Electric Pianos from the classic PLG150-DX and more are included in VGSG's SY77 Sound Set Volume 2!


This sound set is compatible with the SY77, TG77 & SY99.

Note: Since the effects section on the SY99 is different from the SY77 and TG77, these sounds will not port over to the SY99 fully as the effects will not port over. You will have to apply effects to each patch yourself if you load these sounds into an SY99.

System Requirements:

Have installed FM Alive's "SY Manager"

This sound set comes as a ".SYM " file that is to be loaded with FM Alive's SY Manager.

We created this Sound Set with the SY Manager because the Yamaha SY77 can't easily transfer patches via MIDI. Many steps and programs are requried to normally do so.      But this program only requires a MIDI to USB connection to the SY77 and computer and the program easily does the rest.

Please CLICK HERE to download the SY Manager. SY Manager is available as a 30-Day Trial and this trial gives you FULL access to the program for 30 Days.

Included with your order will be a short video demonstrating how to load this sound set into your Yamaha SY77/TG77 with SY Manager.

Because the SY Manager is PC only, included is also the SYSEX version of this sound set as well as the .T01 file for floppy drives.

Turn your Yamaha SY77/TG77 FM Synthesizer into EP Heaven....AGAIN!

Included are 47 patches from the classic PLG150-DX and more!

We didn't want to fill all 64 slots as we know you have lots of your own personal favorite patches you want to keep! Maybe some of them are from our Vol. 1 Sound Set?

Patch List:


Sound Set Overview Video

This price is for many hours of work put into converting the original factory sounds from the PLG150-DX, patch editing and application of effects.

Price: $10

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