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***DO NOT attempt to add Gospel Essentials into Kontakt 5, Kontakt 6 or Native Access as a library! This is not a Native Instruments licensed library, these are instruments licensed by us for Kontakt 5 & Kontakt 6 FULL VERSION!**

VGSG's Gospel Essentials


This Kontakt instrument pack includes sounds from the MKS-20 and more!

Musicians in the Gospel music genre have grown tired of paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in order to get the synthesizers mostly used in Gospel. Getting these sometimes rare and usually expensive boards just for one or two sounds while spending thousands of dollars is a thing of the past now thanks to virtual instruments.


Therefore, now get the Gospel sounds you want the most without even spending $100!


Introducing VGSG's Gospel Essentials!


We have learned a lot since our launch in 2015. So this product has replaced our old flagship product VGSG's MKS-20 Sounds Pack and now, we are offering the classic MKS-20 sounds most musicians use as well as a host of even more classic and expressive sounds in one library!


  • Includes Pianos 1 & 2 and both Electric Pianos from the classic MKS-20 with the EP's sampled with the real MKS-20 Chorus!

  •  Also includes over 10 classic sounds coming from classic synths such as the S90, ES, JV/XP/XV series, 01/W, REAL MK 1 and MK 2 Rhodes, and more!

  • MKS-20 Sounds recorded at 96kHz/24bit, other sounds recorded at 48kHz/16bit!

  •  All sounds include a detailed Velocity Curve Editor to tailor these sounds to the velocity response of your keyboard!

With v2.0, all sounds now include a 10 Effect Section!




System Requirements:

25 GB of free disk space

Kontakt 5 Full Version v5.7.1 or Higher Required

(Not the FREE Player, but the full PAID $399.00 Version)

• Mac OS X 10.11, 10.12 or 10.13 (latest update), Intel Core i5 CPU

• Windows 7, 8 & 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core i5 CPU or equivalent

• 4 GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)

Because this is a digital download, this product is NON-REFUNDABLE

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Product Overview Video:

Price: $50


Technical Specifications:

Velocity Layers of MKS-20 Sounds:
Piano 1 - 12 Velocity Layers
Piano 2 - 12 Velocity Layers
EP 1 - 16 Velocity Layers
EP 2 - 16 Velocity Layers

Velocity Layers of Other Sounds:

Gospel Grand (v2 & v2.2) - 12 Velocity Layers
S700 Grand - 6 Velocity Layers
01/W Dyno - 3 Velocity Layers
Rhodes Samples - 8 Velocity Layers
Bell Stack - 4 Velocity Layers
JP Bells - 1 Velocity Layers
JPK Brass - 1 Velocity Layer
Hugo Saw - 8 Velocity Layers
Pad - 1 Velocity Layer
Hybrid Brass - 1 Velocity Layer
Prophetic Brass - 3 Velocity Layers



File Size: 24 GB- Compressed ZIP
24 GB - Uncompressed


17 Instruments Total

Video Reviews & Media

The first review by Jake Jacobs is from our old library VGSG's MKS-20 Sounds Pack.

We left this review here because the MKS-20 sounds found in this video are still in this current product VGSG's Gospel Essentials.

Review by hnsmusic


Jake Jacobs Compares the S700 Grand


Jake Jacobs with the Gospel Grand V2


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