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VGSG's EX5 Sounds for MOTIF (MOXF, XF & MODX)


About the EX5:

The EX5 Synthesizer was released in 1998 by the same manufacturer of the classic DX7 FM Synthesizer. The world was just two years away from the new millennium and synthesizer development was at it's prime. The EX5 was a result of how cutting edge synthesizer development was at the time.


The "EX" in the name EX5 stood for EXtended Synthesis and boy did the EX5 boast many methods of tone generation for creating incredible sounds!

There were four methods of synthesis housed inside of the EX5. The most notable however are the following three: AN (Analog Physical Modeling) Synthesis, FDSP (Formulated Digital Sound Processing) Synthesis and Virtual Acoustic (VL) Synthesis.


We here at VGSG Music however, have decided to focus strictly on sounds from the EX5 that can benefit musicians in the Gospel, R&B & Neo Soul genre.


The EX5's FDSP Powered Electric Pianos is our main focus for this MOTIF Library.


The FDSP Synthesis is well-known in genres that frequently utilize electric pianos because of the FDSP's incredible electric piano pickup emulation. An EP "pickup" is an electromagnetic device inside of an electric piano that senses the vibration of an EP's metal tine or tone bar. The EP pickup simply picks up the sound of the tine bar and sends it to the EP's amplifier.

FDSP emulates this effect fantastically and enabling this effect on an EP patch on your EX5 will breathe life into your EP instantly!

Included Are 3 Electric Piano Sample Sets:

FDSP Clean

FDSP Dirty


The FDSP Clean Set is the EX5's incredibly realistic Rhodes Electric Piano sound ran through FDSP synthesis, sampled in stereo with 5 velocity layers to fit in the maximum expression possible without filling up your entire 512MB or 1GB Flash Board. What makes it clean is that all Overdrive has been disabled. Leaving the FDSP's simulated Tube warmth, organically produced Tine bell and of course, the signature bark of the EX5 Rhodes.


The FDSP Dirty Set is the same Electric Piano in the Clean Set but this time Overdrive from FDSP is added, effecting the low and mid range of the keys triggered via the higher velocities of the sound. Changing the sound from a well maintained Rhodes to a beat up, old and dirty Rhodes. This sound is perfect for Neo Soul, Jazz and Gospel musicians who need the sound of a Vintage Rhodes, not a straight from the factory model.


The Suitcase Set is one of our new favorites. This was a Rhodes we found that is not from the factory library of the EX5. It needed to be loaded via floppy and sample RAM needed to be installed, but once you got it loaded you didn't want to turn off the EX5! This is an emulation of the classic 1975 Mark I Rhodes Suitcase Electric Piano! This Suitcase features 4 velocity layers with each layer in the same velocity range as it is in the original EX5 patch.


All 3 Sets feature multiple patch variations. For example: Default Rhodes, Chorused Rhodes, Tremolo Rhodes, Phaser, Neo Soul, etc.

Requirements For Your MOTIF:

512MB or 1GB Flash Memory Expansion Board Installed for the MOXF & MOTIF XF

MODX & Montage Users need at least 512MB of the built in Flash RAM free to load these sounds!

• Need at least a 1GB USB Flash Drive to Load in Sounds

Also included are loading instructions for the MOTIF XF, MOXF, Montage and MODX.


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Technical Specifications:

Velocity Layers:
FDSP Clean Set - 5 Velocity Layers
FDSP Dirty Set - 5 Velocity Layers
Suitcase - 4 Velocity Layers

File Size of Complete Product:

660 MB - Compressed ZIP
1.23 GB Uncompressed


This product was developed primarily for and on the YAMAHA MOXF.

Although we also offer this for the YAMAHA MOTIF XF, MONTAGE & MODX, we are only offering technical support for the YAMAHA MOXF because we do not own a MOTIF XF, MONTAGE or MODX.

You can still purchase this product for use with your YAMAHA MOTIF XF and or MODX, but you are responsible for your own technical support if it concerns the YAMAHA MOTIF XF, MONTAGE or MODX hardware.

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Price: $20


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