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NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED FOR Chaim Bokchin's Guitar Samples - Kontakt Edition.”


Like all internet downloads, once downloaded you cannot return them like you can a physical product. Files can easily and instantly be copied, duplicated and distributed. We cannot take your word nor can we obtain proof that you have deleted the download. 

Please make sure of the following before purchasing or downloading this product:   

• Make sure that your computer and or device meets the listed specifications for this product. We will not refund you for your failure to read all information that is provided with this product.  Please read all descriptions and watch any and all instructional videos. They are there to minimize questions and concerns.

• If you do not receive your download link in your email, then please check your Junk/Spam folder. If you still cannot find the email containing your download link, immediately email: cbguitarsamples@gmail.com

• If you are not computer savvy and do not know the basics of computers, then DO NOT purchase this product! This product is available for those of you who are familiar with computers and who understand basic computer usage and handling of various file types and folders. Such as downloading and extracting ZIP files.

• Please also BACKUP YOUR DOWNLOADS! Due to security reasons, multiple downloads will NOT be sent every time you lose your download or order email. After a considerable amount of downloads are sent to your email address, eventually requests for more downloads will be denied and $5 fee will incur per additional download.

In the event you ever have a problem with your order and or this product, PLEASE email: cbguitarsamples@gmail.com