VGSG Music was originally Video Game Soundtrack Guy or “VGSoundtrackGuy.” A YouTube Channel we created in 2011 for our love of Video Game Music.

Eventually, our love music production as a whole grew stronger than our love for Video Game music. So in 2015, instead of starting fresh with an all new channel, we morphed into VGSG Music.

Under VGSG Music, we develop and sell Virtual Instruments for the Kontakt 5 & 6 sampler, as well as the Yamaha MOTIF Series, iOS and more!

Purpose & Mission:

We created VGSG Music, to primarily bring the Gospel musician community the real deal sounds of old in VST format. Specifically the sounds from the time frame of the late 1980s-2000s.

Gospel music and it's musicians as of late have been completely transitioning over to software synthesizer sounds. And before we started to develop, the software synthesizer market had very few high quality and ultra expressive, Gospel tailored virtual instruments.

Gospel music has a specific sound and it’s musicians demand only the highest quality expressive sounds to be used in Gospel. Only a handful of developers out there know the sound and deliver it. And with VGSG Music we hoped to be in that number with the products we have produced!